Working from home? Here's our Top 5 Tips for maintaining productivity

As we enter our second week of social distancing here in the UK, we at LPC Invest wanted to share our Top 5 Tips on how to organise your day when working from home to be as productive as possible. It can be difficult to maintain productivity in an environment where there are plenty of distractions, and to avoid this, here’s our top tips.

1. Open your blinds, curtains and windows. In the morning you should be opening your curtains to let natural light into your home. This can make you feel in touch with the outside world and not facilitate working in a dark room that cuts you off from the world, leaving you more isolated. 2. Maintain your morning routine You may not want to use your one outdoor exercise slot in the mornings, however, even if you do not go for a run or walk in the mornings, make sure that you still maintain your habits and routines for the morning. Waking up, having a shower, eating breakfast and getting ready for your day will make you feel so much better throughout the day. 3. Work in an area where you do not sleep For some this will be easier than others, however, if you possibly can, make sure you work in a room or space separate from where you sleep. This gets you out of your bedroom and begins your day away from your bed and forces you to get up, get dressed and gain productivity. If you do work where you sleep this can negatively impact how relaxed your body feels when in bed, associating the room with work and can disrupt your sleeping pattern. 4. Stretch your legs regularly When working from home you should be taking short breaks at regular intervals and stretching your legs. We recommend setting an alarm on your phone every hour that tells you to stand up from your chair and either walk around your home, stretch, or even get in a few yoga poses. Overworking your brain can diminish your productivity and lead you to become more distracted at home. 5. Make sure you’re staying tidy Keeping up with tidying your work and living space when working from home is paramount. Even if you give your mugs a rinse out and leave them in the sink until you can wash them, make sure that you do not let dirty dishes pile up around you. Working in an untidy environment will negatively impact your productivity by leave you feeling tense and adding to your to do list. The same goes for making your bed, not letting your clothes washing pile up, and putting items away when you are finished using them.

There you have it. Although it may be difficult to maintain all of these top tips for productivity when working from home, even if you are able to execute a few per day, this will make you feel much better and ensure that you stay focused throughout your working day.

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