• Emily Trowell

Matt Collishaw: THRESHOLDS

This immersive display of virtual reality, able to use by anyone was an extremely surreal experience, especially to see how developed the technology has become in order to transport your consciousness into a virtual world. There were a few hiccups with the tech that inevitably pulled you out of the 19th Century display of photography, however it was extremely fulfilling to experience, even though I had no interest in the subject matter, the technology that I was able to use in order to immerse myself within a virtual world was just awesome. I’m planning on writing about this experience within my dissertation as it has left quite a mark on my personal experiences with immersion and technology that enables you to be immersed. Considering I was wearing upwards of £1000+ worth of kit on my back, that made me a bit frightened throughout the experience but I’m very grateful I went to see it, as it is not technology that is available everywhere for everyone, due to its expense, therefore it was unlike anything I had experienced before. Yes!!

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