Top 5 Family 'Bored' Games for the Easter Weekend

How has your Easter Holiday Weekend been whilst self-isolating? Are you getting beyond the point of bored? Well, we have the perfect solution to keep the whole family involved this bank holiday: family classic board games! We’ve put together our favourite classic board games you can play to get the whole family involved, from young children to adults, that should already have in your home! Or maybe in your loft or basement somewhere... Go and find them!

1. Go Fish

If you are only seemingly able to find a deck of cards laying around your home, then Go Fish is the best card game to play with your family. It’s simple enough for young children to play with adults, and it will even help you identify which of your children can keep a poker face, or even how good they are at bluffing! Very handy if you have some cheeky children...

2. Scrabble

What could be more fun than playing a game whilst simultaneously teaching your young ones their spellings? There are many child friendly versions of this game making it inclusive for all family members. You can even positively reinforce the correct spellings as you go, which I’m sure your children will appreciate!

3. Cluedo

Cluedo is one of our all-time favourites. Bring mystery and suspense into your home when playing this game this weekend. You can even dress up as your characters and dramatise the whole ordeal with fake clues and letters. Get the whole family involved and hide Easter eggs with the clues for an extra flair to the game.

4. Trivial Pursuit

With possibly hundreds of editions, Trivial Pursuit is a perfect board game for family time this bank holiday. Our personal favourite edition for family games is the Disney version! Great for families and a hit with the children. An absolute hit!

5. Monopoly

Last but not least, Monopoly: the ‘Property Trading Game’ is the ultimate classic family game, and our all-time favourite (for obvious reasons!). It’s responsible for many fun memories and more than a few family feuds. There are so many editions of Monopoly that I’m sure whether you have the Simpsons Edition, Credit Card Edition or even just the plain and simple Original Edition, that you will have one of these tucked away in your home. Bring it out and dust it off this Easter weekend and play with your family!

We at LPC Invest hope that you are enjoying your Easter Bank Holiday weekend and having fun with your family indoors.

Remember, Stay Home. Save Lives.

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