Our Top US Box Sets to watch in Quarantine

Since our last list of our most recommended box sets was such a success, we have decided to make our Top 10 list of US box sets to continue through the isolation journey together. Also, all of these series can be streamed online, just to make your life that little bit easier!

1. Westworld A rich getaway destination that lets you play out your own stories and fantasies on robots, what could go wrong? You can watch Westworld on HBO. 2. Ozark Want to be thrown from suburban comfort into a life of crime and uncertainty? Jason Bateman will have you on the edge of your seat permanently, wondering if they will stay alive... You can watch Ozark on Netflix. 3. Breaking Bad A spiral of poverty and drugs navigating the criminal underworld lead by a depressed and unwell chemistry teacher. An instant classic with high regard. You can watch Breaking Bad on Netflix. 4. The Office (US) A classic. Hilariously funny, completely gripping and with plenty of episodes to get you through the isolation months. It’s even perfect to return to later and watch in the background whilst playing games with the family. What’s not to like? You can watch The Office (US) on Amazon Prime. 5. The Witcher If you’ve ever played the video game or novel of the same name, then you will have an understanding of the general fantasy vibe this series will give you. It was an immediate hit upon its release late last year and we binge watched it all in one day. Couldn’t recommend enough! You can watch The Witcher on Netflix. 6. American Horror Story Where do we begin with this show... It’s fantastic! With each new story line per season, you will find yourselves captivated by what they will bring to you next. Our favourite seasons are Roanoake, Asylum and Murder House. What are yours? You can watch American Horror Story on Netflix. 7. The West Wing Award-winning series following the President of the US and his communications officer as they navigate through sensitive politics, scandals, threats and drama, which will keep you glued to the TV. Gripping! You can watch The West Wing on Amazon Prime. 8. Prison Break Conspiracy... Incarceration... Death row... Can they escape prison before it’s too late? You will have to find out yourselves, but make sure you set aside a weekend to watch it all. You won’t want to turn it off. You can watch Prison Break on Netflix. 9. Homeland The CIA doesn’t always follow the rules and new details come to light in this action-packed drama. Perfect for nights on the sofa. You can watch Homeland on Showtime. 10. You Is Joe sweet or sour? Scary or friendly? Is Beck safe with him or at risk? Only time will tell, and you’d better be watching closely. You can watch You on Netflix. If you have watched these shows and loved them as much as we did, let us know! Most importantly, stay at home, watch plenty of tv shows, and save lives.

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