Latest Top 5 Interior Design Trends for New Homes

Are you a new home owner, landlord or just looking for the latest interior design trends for your home? Well we have the latest interior trends for your living space for Spring 2020.

1. Florals for Spring? Groundbreaking

In true traditional fashion, floral patterns and prints are back on trend. As the days get longer and the sun begins to shine, spring has begun to appear in the UK. Therefore, it is no surprise that as it starts to get warmer that florals are back on trend, in not only interior design, but fashion and graphic design. Jump on this trend by including flowers on your dining room table, or go one step further and purchase a floral print throw for your living room or bedroom. 2. Soft and Cosy Living Spaces Of course living spaces are by default expected to be inviting, but this trend takes things a step further and breaks away from the 'show home' approach to living rooms. Instead of having immaculate clutter free surfaces, why not include candles, plants, succulents and glass dishes that hold miniature terrariums. These items transform your living room from a space that looks great, to a space that not only looks great, but looks lived-in, is inviting, warm, soft and cosy for your family and visitors. 3. Metallic Everywhere Rose gold seems to be a trend that is not slowing down any time soon, dominating most markets and creating a new aspect of the jewellery industry. Rose gold and copper coloured metallics make a frequent appearance in the interior design list of trends, spreading across rose gold toasters and kettles to bedside lamps and bed frames. Why not incorporate this trend by introducing rose gold coasters and copper metal table legs for your coffee table to include this metallic trend in your home. 4. Frames, Frames, and More Frames I'm sure you're aware that gallery-esque wall hangings are all the rage amongst instagram influencers and show homes, however, carrying on from the previous trend comes an merging of two, in the form of metallic coloured frames for your gallery wall. Instead of simply having the same frame design housing all of your prints and postcards, why not include a gold frame here and there with a touch of rose gold to accompany it, to break up the monotony of your gallery wall and bring intrigue to the frames themselves. 5. Greenery and Nature... Surprised? Green, natural, rustic looking interiors are going to be on trend for a while it seems. Accompanying the spring introduction of florals, house plants and the 'bare walled' look are here to stay. Why not raise your house plants on a solid wood stool and match the green of your cheese plant to the green cushions on your sofa? Interior design trends are always changing, to keep up to date with our posts and ideas, why not subscribe to our mailing list? Or check out our luxury property portfolio we have to offer.

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