Estate agents could be first to return after lockdown

In the latest news today, it has been announced that the first businesses to return to work with the ease of lockdown procedures could be coffee shops, restaurants and estate agents, a report seen by ministers has stated.

This comes as these businesses are deemed to be the most likely to help boost the economy whilst simultaneously being the least likely to spread the Covid-19 disease. To limit the chances of spreading the disease, preventative measures will have to be adopted that will create larger distances between tables, and even possibly install screens in place of speaking directly to an employee, whilst also practicing social distancing measures.

This new insight to living with Covid-19 comes as Lord Gadhia and GlaxoSmithKline chairman Sir Jonathan Symonds have written a report outlining the necessity for us to begin to live with Covid-19 and return back to a form of normality, since a vaccine can take 12-18 months to mass produce.

This has emerged as a COBRA meeting takes place this afternoon to determine whether our lockdown will continue until May 7th where it will be reviewed again. The report states in order to prevent an economic disaster, that these businesses should be the first to return to work in these sectors as they have the least chance of spreading the disease and yet have the greatest multiplier effects.

We can only hope that the covid-19 curve has begun to flatten and subsequently we can begin to reintegrate back into everyday life, return to work and begin to boost our economy with property investments, food and drink.

Please Stay Home, Stay Safe.

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